Vegetable RanchVegetable Ranch has grown certified organic produce of exceptional quality for more than twenty years. In 1988, our 125-acre home in the foothills of central New Hampshire became a successful, diversified farm melding traditional organic methods with contemporary knowledge to carry sustainable agriculture forward to new generations.  We deeply believe that local organic produce taste better and is better for your health; while organic farming practices makes farms and customers alike better stewards of our environment.

Vegetable Ranch is a local source of high quality certified organic produce. From lettuce to tomatoes, spinach to potatoes, from broccoli to squash and peppers, the farmers at the Vegetable Ranch LLC grow more than 40 heirloom and New England vegetables with good nutrition and a healthy environment in mind. Looking for free-range eggs or pasture raised organic bacon and pork? We have that too.

Extensive high tunnels and a new storage facility also make it possible for the Vegetable Ranch LLC to provide local produce all year round. There are several ways to bring our exceptional organic products to your table.


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