The Vegetable Ranch is devoted to maintaining the soil and environment through organic practices. Many farms use animals to continue to return nutrients to the fields and the Vegetable Ranch uses chickens as well as pigs to attain this goal. Our broiler chickens, or meat birds are raised on only organic feed and are free range on developing fields to improve the nutrients in the soil. The birds will be ranging in the spring and fall, through the winter and summer months the farm will not have any broiler chickens on the property. Though these birds are not on the farm for long they enjoy nothing but the best of foods and real estate as do all of our animals. This often eliminates any health issues for the birds as they lead healthy lives in environments which promote birds health. Thus meat from these animals does not contain any antibiotics, hormones nor products from GMO’s which is true for all Vegetable Ranch Meat.

To place an order, please send an email to vegetableranch@gmail.com. We will respond within 24 hours and confirm your order and verify convenient pick up locations.

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